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  • Site updated: Thursday 19 March 2020, 12:31:00.

ICHCA Australia Board & Management

ICHCA Australia Board Members

All Board Members serve the company and its members in a voluntary capacity.



John Warda pic

John Warda

Chair, ICHCA Australia
Finance Director, ICHCA Australia
Deputy Chair, ICHCA International

Marcus John pic

Marcus John

Deputy Chair, ICHCA Australia

Peter van Duyn pic 


Peter van Duyn

Company Secretary, ICHCA Australia

 Sallie Strang pic


Sallie Strang

Director, ICHCA Australia

 Jonathan Lafforgue pic


Jonathan Lafforgue

Director, ICHCA Australia

 Michael Simms pic


Michael Simms

Director, ICHCA Australia

 Darren Fursman cropped


Darren Fursman

Director, ICHCA Australia

Laurence Jones pic


Laurence Jones

Alternate Director for
Marcus John, ICHCA Australia

Gary Campbell pic


Gary Campbell

Alternate Director for 
Darren Fursman, ICHCA Australia





 ICHCA Australia Management

The day to day operations of the Company are supported by:

  • Peter van Duyn - Company Secretary, ICHCA Australia
  • Deb Warda - Accounts/Website, ICHCA Australia

ICHCA Australia State Committees

ICHCA Australia also has State based committees that organise highly respected functions addressed by eminent speakers on a broad range of topics.

State Chair
Marcus John pic
Sallie Strang,
Sallie Strang pic

Michael Simms,
Michael Simms pic
Peter van Duyn pic




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